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Find us at The Original Re-enactors Market at Ryton-on-Dunsmore, near Coventry 10,11 and 12 November 2017    Please check the BLOG page for updates and recent additions to the site...


Historical codes are for guidance only:
Pre-Roman PR  Roman R  Saxon S  Viking V  Early Medieval EM  Late Medieval LM  Tudor T  Civil War CW
Not period specific X

How to order

Writing equipment

Turned and carved boxwood inkwell £75 T CW

Also available in pearwood £55 T CW

Based on a Tudor horn example. (Source: Mary Rose, Portsmouth, 1545)


Other writing accessories


Cast lead plummets £10 EM LM
(SCRIBO means to to write, MODUS means I RULE)

Silver point pencils (turned bone body) from £12 X

Pounces of ground cuttlefish £6 X

Quills (made from turkey feathers) £2 X
Quills (made from goose feathers) £3 X
Quills (made from swan feathers) £5 X

Quill case

quill case


Approximately 6 inches long (longer ones are available on request, enquire for cost). Supplied with linen tape and bone beads, although silk and glass are also available (again, enquire for cost). Please specify cross (X) or straight stitched (|). £35 EM, LM, T, CW


Various handmade bristle brushes are available
Shown above is a clothes brush £40 X
Shaving brush (shown on the hygiene page) is also available separately £50 T CW
Large vegetable/clothing brush £55 X