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May Days Arts Trail

I’ve been working hard towards new pieces for the local Arts Trail the last few weeks so many of the more historical work has taken something of a backseat (although I’m still tackling orders as they come in). Many of the items are, shall we say, somewhat more eclectic/eccentric than my normal line of work. But it’s nice to branch out!

box montage

This was produced as a promotional piece to publicise our group of artists working from a single venue. The theme was ‘Peacock’. The two doors open to reveal a tree of life in pyrography with beads on a copper leaf ground. There are bronze wire hooks within the doors to hang jewellery.

oak and glass dish

The slumped glass dish was made by a fellow artist on the trail (DilleyCrafts). It nestles within a turned and footed oak dish. Part of a series of work in collaboration.

Owl and Moon BoxArt

Mostly in black, with a shell moon, this piece captures the unlikely sight of an owl in the middle of the city. When the box is opened, the surprised, inquisitive face of a tawny owl stares out. Above him is an aerial to hang keys/jewellery from.


A work in progress, this piece re-tells a well worn story of a gunslinger caught out at cards in the local bordello. He warily eyes the mosquito, hoping his hiding place won’t be revealed.

All these pieces, and so many more will be available to view/buy at the May Days Arts Trail in just a couple of weeks!