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Personal Accessories

Historical codes are for guidance only:
Pre-Roman PR  Roman R  Saxon S  Viking V  Early Medieval EM  Late Medieval LM  Tudor T  Civil War CW
Not period specific X

How to order


Rosary with turned cross (4 decades) based on surviving examples.
(Source: Mary Rose, Portsmouth, 1545)
All boxwood £50 LM T
Beech rosary   £25 LMT
Please note the beech rosary is now only available with a turned beech cross, not boxwood as shown

Rosary with carved cross (4 decades)
All boxwood  (as shown above)£40 LM T
Rosary with boxwood cross only £20 LM T


Bone rosary from Galway, Ireland

Bone rosary with turned cross parts, based on a surviving example from Galway, Ireland, and dated to around 1100 -1200AD
£35 EM LM T?

Rosaries made from bone, semi-precious stones and silver
are also available – please enquire.


Reliquaries and amulets

flask cross

Miniature leather pilgrims flask £10 EM LM T
Wooden cross with bone pin on leather thong £6 X
Oak cross (4 inches high) on a leather thong £12.50 X

table cross
Oak table cross with bone pin, waxed (height 6.5 inches) £25 X

For carved Madonna and Child & Crucifixion panels – see gallery


Amulets in bone and antler from £3 PR R S V EM



Pewter pendants – cast from originals in my collection.
a – St John the Baptist  £5 (£10 with 18 inch silver chain) LM T
b – Madonna and Child  £3.50 (£8 with 18 inch silver chain) LM T
c – Father and Son £10 (original for this was originally a plaque/token). Available with/without loop. T


romano british head

Romano-British head in pewter – cast from an original in my own collection  £5 R



Dolphin in pewter, based on a bone example recovered from St Albans, £6 R




A selection of turned and brass beads and crosses copied from Tudor originals, many of which were used in rosaries.
(Source: Mary Rose, Portsmouth, 1545)
Made to order. Prices from 50p each to £5  Versions also available in bone and horn  T

Jewellery and dress accessories can now be found here