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Yesterday, I had my last physio session so it seems timely to reflect on my accident, consider my luck, and express a few thanks yous.

At the end of October (on Hallowe’en) I fell with the grace of a pygmy hippo from the loft at home. Landing on the ladder, I suffered several breaks to my left wrist and arm, broke 2 ribs and severely bruised my left knee. I consider myself lucky, it could have been so much worse, as I realised when I stood up and took stock of the mangled remains of the step ladder. So thanks go firstly to Lady Luck for being so kind!

Thanks also to my wife who dropped everything and drove me pronto to A+E, where we arrived less than 15 minutes after the fall.

Thanks next to the NHS – I really do believe we are blessed in this country with our health services and I, for one, have no have no issues with friendliness, efficiency and skill. I was seen promptly, given huge amounts of gas, and pulled back into shape before being plastered. The operation was planned for the next day, but on finding out that I did craftwork and illustration for a living, they deferred me by a week until a hand/wrist specialist was available. I didn’t mind – I can appreciate the skill and patience that would be needed to put my shattered wrist into some sort¬† of order. So, 6 days later I was back at QA, Portsmouth being pinned and plated by an extremely skillful surgeon.

I started flexing and working the joint almost straight away, but didn’t start with a physio until the new year. Thanks to her skill, only 3 months after the accident (about 12 weeks earlier than expected) I have almost full mobility and strength.

This means that I am back to crafting, stitching, cutting and drawing and looking for commissions!

In March (15-17th) I shall be back at TORM selling. Many thanks to Anne Laverick for being so understanding and carrying my pitch fee over from November. I have nothing but praise for someone who works so hard to make sure those of us who make, can also sell!