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Tudor Archer’s Jerkin

Just finished making a Tudor archer’s jerkin for the Mary Rose in Portsmouth. This is considerably larger than the original, but follows the pattern closely, including the slashing and pinking (with some allowance for the extra surface area!). It is made from calf skin (around 1.2mm) with goat skin gussets under the arms. The shoulder/neck and one side are laced. I still need to make one lace for the neck – it’s currently held by a bootlace! The jerkin is flesh side out, which is very unusual, and made treating the leather a challenge. It needs to look worn in quite quickly as it’s to be used for AV filming for the museum. So far I’ve used various different hide foods and oils to give the surface some age and colour, but I think someone will just have to wear it for a couple of weeks to break it in more. The pinking helps to make it a lot more flexible.