These items are all handmade.
Some variation in shape, size and design is inevitable and should be expected.
 Wood choice may also vary if not specified in the description,
although native European species will always be used when appropriate.
For specific requests, please use the Contact Me page.


These are the bags I am most commonly asked to make. They are primarily made to order, although I hold some of the smaller items in stock. The smaller belt bag may be made in alternative colours depending on availability. Please check first if you have a preference. The money changer’s bag and embroidered purse are based on fragments on display in the Mary Rose museum, Portsmouth.

Belt bag – small £30
Belt bag – large Source: Mary Rose £40
Belt purse – small £12
Coin purse Source: Mary Rose £8
Long bag 200mm goat/sheep skin £16
Long bag calf skin 300mm £25
Long bag, oval base calf skin 400mm £60
Square bag with carry loops Source: Mary Rose £40
Gusseted bag on strap £70
Gusseted bag with belt loop £35
Linen shoulder sack £30
Hemp Shoulder Sack £60
Money changer’s bag £120
Embroidered belt purse £300