These are the bags I am most commonly asked to make. They are primarily made to order, although I hold some of the smaller items in stock. The smaller belt bag may be made in alternative colours depending on availability. Please check first if you have a preference. The money changer’s bag and embroidered purse are based on fragments on display in the Mary Rose museum, Portsmouth.

Belt bag – small £30
Belt bag – large Source: Mary Rose £40
Belt purse – small £12
Coin purse Source: Mary Rose £8

Long bag 200mm goat/sheep skin £16

Long bag calf skin 300mm £25

Long bag, oval base calf skin 400mm £60

Square bag with carry loops Source: Mary Rose £40

Gusseted bag on strap £50
Gusseted bag with belt loop £30
Linen shoulder sack £30
Hemp shoulder sack £50
Money changer’s bag £140