jewellery and accessories

Saxon/Early Medieval Hair Pin

Just added to the stock! Spiral wound, bronze Saxon hair pin, available in soldered/unsoldered versions, just £6 each!

saxon pin

Cloak fasteners and hooks

Just added a couple of new 16th Century cloak hooks and fasteners to our range.


Top: width approx 90mm, £12
Bottom: diameter of loop 15mm, length approx 40mm, £4

Custom sizes also available

Fancy Flasks

I’ve been playing with some new shapes for the waxed leather flasks – some of them are a little left of field and the stoppers may be changed back to something more traditional. All these are also available in plain, un-dyed leather which may help to show the pyrography better (although the leather will be still be a darker brown than natural). All are fully functioning and are supplied with a leather cord.



All flasks are made order, with your choice of design and preference for stopper.
Bound heart: £50
Large heart: £30
Small heart: £15
Triangular table flask: £30

St Albans Dolphin Pendant

Just added this to the stock – my version (in pewter) of the bone dolphin found at St Albans.



Mini and micro leather flasks

Just finishing off a new batch of these…


Some of which will be for sale at the upcoming Clanfield Crafts Fayre this Saturday 🙂

Galway rosary

My version of the bone rosary found in Galway and dated to around 1100 – 1200 AD.


Available made to order £35

Religious pendants

The Madonna and Child, and the St John the Baptist are now available on chains via my shop on Etsy!

Roman (?) pendant

roman pendant


I picked up the original of this bronze Roman (?) pendant and thought it would be nice addition to the range of casts we make. Currently unhung, they are £5 each

Two little fish

Since we have just entered Pisces, I thought 2 fish pomanders might be appropriate…

two little fish

Rustic crosses

I couldn’t help myself while I was away camping and found myself making a number of these rustic lap-jointed crosses…

I’ll be putting them out on the stall at £3.50 each, or £4 on a hemp string…