These items are all handmade.
Some variation in shape, size and design is inevitable and should be expected.
 Wood choice may also vary if not specified in the description,
although native European species will always be used when appropriate.
For specific requests, please use the Contact Me page.

Flasks and costrels:

These flasks are currently only available with the waxed option until I can secure a source for food-safe pitch.

One pint waxed costrel Source: Mary Rose £75
Half pint waxed costrel £45
Mini costrel – c.1/4 pint £30
Heart shaped mini costrel £40

Candle holders:

Holders are made with a 25mm hole for candles, unless otherwise requested.

Turned holder £25
Holder with tinder box Source: Mary Rose £40
Holder with stick handle Source: Mary Rose £25
Tinder box with flint and steel £50


This hinged door wooden lantern is shown with parchment panes, but, when available, can also be made using horn panes at an extra cost. Please use the Contact Me form for more information. Based on examples recovered from the Mary Rose, Portsmouth.

Wood lantern with parchment panes £90

Sand timers:

These are available with turned or flat, cut bases in a variety of timings. The shapes are sourced from examples recovered from the Mary Rose.

The list below is selective. Please use the Contact Me form for more information.

5 Minute Sand Timer £20
15 Minute Sand Timer £35
30 Minute Sand Timer £55


Two versions, made from examples recovered from the Mary Rose 1545, are available to order.

Edge Carved Oak Trencher Square £25
Turned Trencher with Edge Rim £25

Spice Mill

A three part Tudor spice, comprising mortar, grate, and cup. From examples recovered from the Mary Rose 1545.

Wooden spice mill £85


Made to order. The one below is made using bristles set and sewn into a wooden body.

Clothes brush £30

Fishing sets:

Bagged hand line fishing set. Source: Mary Rose £60
Simple line on a stick £16

Writing equipment:

Please note, I also make plain, turned boxwood inkwells with cork or wood stoppers as well as brass writing pens. Please use the Contact Me form for more information.

Ink making kit £12
Boxwood inkwell Source: Mary Rose £75
Lead plummet for ruling £10
Parchment clip £6
Turkey quill £2
Goose quill £3.50
Swan quill £5
Quill cleaning tool £4
Quill case £30