domestic wares

Spice Mills

Just finished a new batch of spice mills based on the Mary Rose example. These break down into 3 parts: a base pot, the central collar with the grating plate, and the top part providing the pressure. Most of the ones below are made from ash, with the exception of the smaller beech one on the right, and most are also spoken for! Hopefully there will be time to make a few more before TORM in March, otherwise they can be made to order 🙂

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Mini and micro leather flasks

Just finishing off a new batch of these…


Some of which will be for sale at the upcoming Clanfield Crafts Fayre this Saturday 🙂

Shoulder wallets

Useful carry-all bags based on 15th and 16th Century manuscript illustrations.

Throw over your shoulder, over your staff, or over your donkey!


3 knives

These were made for filming/handling props for the Mary Rose. The handles are copies of originals, the blades are conjectural, as none survived.

A slightly random weekend…

Two small, studded dog collars, a brass priming wire (copied from one recovered from the Mary Rose) and a beech pestle (for use in the cooks mortar that was found on the Mary Rose)…

More pictures of the dog collars…

Hope you like them! I expect I’ll be making some to go on the stall in November…

Turned pots

It’s been a while since my last post, but I have still been making things!

These 4 boxwood pots were made for Hampton Court Palace, to replace some I made earlier which then got stolen! The lids have an acrylic insert (not yet fitted in these pictures) which was considered safer than glass as they were for handling by children.


This second set of pots have been made for sale on the stall. They have glass inserts in the lids which are held in place by brass wires.


Prices for these pieces start at £38

Fishing set

This is perhaps the most basic of fishing sets, but is fully functional!

Supplied with both a handmade spade-type hook (for authenticity) and a modern eyed hook (for convenience).
Cord length approximately 8m.
Price: £12

6 available – more when I can find suitable stones!


A few new spoons

I’ve been trying to re-stock on these now for a while but there never seems to be enough time!


These are all priced competitively at £15 each

Most are made of alder (not sure about the pale ones to the right – scratches head slightly embarrassed…)

Mary Rose feeding spoon

Made for an upcoming project… but there will be some on the stall at the next market in March…


Delivered at TORM last weekend

A pair of rather lovely sand timers…

The one on the left is a 30 minute timer, with spalted beech ends capped with leather, and turned boxwood spindles. The one on the right is a 10 minute timer (with a longer glass profile) and is all oak, with split boxwood hoops for protection. Both frames are examples of ones found on board the Mary Rose.