Dice x1 in bone (sizes vary) £2

x6 bone dice in a bag £20

Dice x1 in wood (c.12mm) £1

Dice in antler with ring dot markings £3

Dice keeper in leather (sizes will vary a little by batch) £6

Merrils/9 men’s morris in a bag £10

Marbles in a bag with instructions £10

Dice in a bag with instructions £8

x24 antler counters in a bag £24
X4 Quoits (supplied in light canvas bag) £40
Bats and x2 leather tennis balls (supplied in light canvas bag) SOLD!
Table skittles: £35 OUT OF STOCK, MADE TO ORDER

Field skittles £85 OUT OF STOCK, MADE TO ORDER

Thumb spinner £3

Whip top £10

Antler whistle (lucky dip!) £5
Practice Sword £12
Ball in a cup £12

Yoyo £6
Juggling balls – set of 3, colours may vary £12

Play ball – moss filled (about the size of a tennis ball) £5

Play ball – fleece filled (slightly larger than the moss ball) £8

Football with rubber bladder, diameter c16cm (source Stirling Castle) £40
Bartholomew Baby (shapes and sizes will vary. Nominal height 14 to 16cm) £10