Please note, I also make shakers and pots in wood and bone. Please use the Contact Me form for more information.

Dice x1 in bone (sizes vary) £2

x6 bone dice in a bag £20

Dice x1 in wood (c.12mm) £1

Dice in antler with ring dot markings £3

Dice in a bag with instructions £8

Dice keeper in leather (sizes will vary a little by batch) £6

Games: The game-in-a-bag series now uses clay rather than the glass counters shown (unless you really want the glass ones…!)

Merrils/9 men’s morris in a bag £10

Marbles in a bag with instructions £10

Spinners: Made from English woods and untreated to allow for your own paint or wax. Exact shape of thumb spinners will vary. One piece versions also available. Use the Contact Me page for more information.

Thumb spinner £3

Whip top £10

Skittles: The design, and number of skittles can be varied according to your needs. Please use the Contact Me form for more information.

X4 Quoits (supplied in light canvas bag) £40
Bats and x2 leather tennis balls (supplied in light canvas bag) £40
Table skittles: £35 OUT OF STOCK, MADE TO ORDER

Field skittles £85 OUT OF STOCK, MADE TO ORDER

Balls: I make a wide variety of balls, some of which are shown here. I also make leather and fabric covered tennis balls, and shuttlecocks. Please use the Contact Me page to find out more.

Juggling balls – set of 3, colours may vary £12

Play ball – moss filled (about the size of a tennis ball) £5

Play ball – fleece filled (slightly larger than the moss ball) £8

Football with rubber bladder (approximately #3 size) £50

Other: Practice swords, daggers and other simple toys currently available. We also make pull toys, game boards and more by special order.

Bartholomew Baby (shapes and sizes will vary. Nominal height 14 to 16cm) £10

Practice Sword £12
Ball in a cup £12