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Games & Pastimes

Dice & Shakers

Dice x1 in bone (sizes vary) £2

Dice in horn with ring dot markings £3 each
Horn dice c.10mm £5 per pair
Die bone (8mm) 1 only £3
Old bone dice c.10mm £6 (for both)
3 bone dice (6mm) £9 (for all three)
Big oak dice (24mm) £4 per pair
Dice x1 in wood (sizes vary from 7mm to 10mm) £1

Jet dice. 8mm. Set of three £10 SOLD OUT
Talc/Soap stone dice. 8mm. £5 per pair
x6 bone dice in a bag £24

Bone dice shaker 32mm high. £15
Wood dice shaker with 4 boxwood dice. 45mm high. £20
Dice shaker (dice not included) £10
Dice keeper in leather (sizes may vary) £7

Bagged Games

Merrils/9 men’s morris in a bag. Leather colour may vary £12

Marbles (x12 clay) in a bag with instructions £12

Dice (x6 wood) in a bag with instructions £10

Bats and x2 leather tennis balls (supplied in bag) £60 MADE TO ORDER
Table skittles £38 MADE TO ORDER

Pine field skittles with x2 oak balls £90 MADE TO ORDER
Quoits x6 with frame £55 MADE TO ORDER

Hand Games

Thumb spinner (size and wood type may vary) £3

Whip top £12

Bilbo catcher £22
Antler whistle (lucky dip!) £6
Practice short sword £20 SOLD OUT
Ball in a cup £14

Ring and stick £6
Yoyo £8


Juggling balls – set of 3, colours may vary (current stock are black and white) £14

Play ball – moss filled (about the size of a tennis ball) (leather colour may vary) £6

Play ball – fleece filled (slightly larger than the moss ball) (leather colour may vary) £10

Football with rubber bladder, diameter c16cm (source Stirling Castle) £46 SOLD OUT


Bartholomew Baby Lucky Dip (just like life, shapes and sizes will vary) Nominal height 8 to 16cm £12


Card case, with a set of 16th century French playing cards (black on hand woven blue and yellow silk braid) £44 SOLD

FREE POSTAGE within UK. Overseas orders please use the Contact Me button