These items are all handmade.
Some variation in shape, size and design is inevitable and should be expected.
 Wood choice may also vary if not specified in the description,
although native European species will always be used when appropriate.
For specific requests, please use the Contact Me page.


Please note, I carry a wide variety of combs to odd sizes, and in a range of profile styles. Many of the boxwood combs are inspired by those recovered from the Mary Rose.

I also make composite bone combs and single piece horn combs.

Please use the Contact Me form for more information.

Boxwood Comb SMALL £25
Boxwood Comb MEDIUM £35
Boxwood Comb LARGE £60


Please note, I also make a smaller version of the pomander below (which is sourced from the Mary Rose), and a variety of ‘fancy’ ones. Please use the Contact Me form for more information.

Carved boxwood £50


Small oak Source: Mary Rose £4.50
Bronze, bound with leather £30
Glass, wooden frame £80

Hygiene sets:

Hygiene set in a wallet £45
Hinged pair of bone tools Source: Mary Rose £40

Ear scoops:

Brass ear scoop £5
Bone ear scoop £16


Brass £5