Hair pins:

As well as those shown, I also keep a variety of beaded pins suitable for use in the hair or clothing. Please use the Contact Me page for more information.

Early Medieval brass wire. Source: Museum of London £6
Looped wire pin in bronze £8

Bone amulets:

Mostly suitable for Roman, Saxon or Viking periods. All sizes approximate, especially phallus…

Dolphin 38mm wide £3
Bird 28mm wide £3
Phallus 40mm high £3
Axe head 23mm high £3
Sword 34mm high £3

Pewter amulets:

The St John and Virgin Mary amulets are cast from original pieces.

The dolphin is based on one recovered from St Alban’s, Hertfordshire.

Pewter Thor’s hammer 35mm high £5
Pewter Dolphin 32mm wide (Please note some are polished not matt) £5
Bronze St John the Baptist 28mm high. Cast from an original. £5
Bronze Virgin Mary 25mm high. Cast from an original. £3.50


Bone versions are also available, as are the turned cross parts from the rosaries listed below. Please use the Contact Me page for more information.

Dark wood with bone pin 50m high £6
Oak cross on a cord 75mm high £8

Table cross 150mm £25


Examples made with semi-precious stones are also available, and are also made to order. The boxwood rosaries are sourced from those recovered from the Mary Rose 1545. Please use the Contact Me page for more information.

You can also find more bone and horn rosaries in the Specials page!

Bone rosary (from Galway) £35
Boxwood rosary with turned cross £50
Beech rosary with turned cross £25
Boxwood rosary with carved cross £40
Bone rosary with flat button beads (Mary Rose) £40