Collar for a labrador: Updated

So I finally finished the dog collar and matching lead that has been on my bench for 2 or so months! The collar has made from 3 layers of leather and built onto a former so that the curve is ‘built in’. It’s been one of the most technically challenging ones that I have made to date and includes re-enforcing plates both behind the D ring and around the buckle. The brass plate on the inside is too allow the owner to inscribe her pet/owner details. The re-enforcements are within the layers of leather, as are the backing rivets for most of the studs. The lead fixes through the D ring and is held in place with discretely decorated sam browne studs which mean it will (hopefully) tighten even more when the pooch is pulling (which hopefully it won’t!).

IMG_9441alt IMG_9442alt


A few shots of the collar and lead with it’s new owner – all tails wagging!

P1060615 P1060628 P1060629 P1060631 P1060632 P1060645