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Items shown on this page are based on pieces in museums and are either one-off items or available to order.

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tudor money changers bag

Tudor Money Changer's bag based on the example recovered from the Mary Rose 1545. Made from hemp canvas and leather this bag faithfully re-creates the version of the bag recovered from the Mary Rose. Since the leather pouches were not found, only the handle, some binding, and the 5 flaps, the bags are made of hemp canvas, and the flaps held with horn beads. Both of these would have been rapidly eaten or destroyed in the earliest days of the wreck, leaving just the parts available to view in the museum today. Made to order. £180


This silk-lined leather bag is based on examples recovered from the Mary Rose (1545) and on display in the museum in Portsmouth. It has two main compartments in the body, and 3 small silk drawstring pouches under the inner flap. The outside is embroidered with silver thread (imitation is used, although real is available at cost) using a design from one of the original bags. The initials in the centre (IHS) are religious, but could be replaced with the customers own choice if desired. This bag takes a considerable amount of time and skill to make, and this is reflected in the cost. Made to order. £320