Brass pins x6 @ 25mm, 0.7mm wire £10

Bronze pins x5 @ 38mm, 1mm wire £10

Silver Pins x3 @38mm, 1mm wire £10

Bronze Veil Pins 38mm x6, 0.5mm wire £10

solder headed pins 38mm
Solder headed pins x5 @ 38mm, 0.7mm wire £10

Brass Pins x4 @50mm, 1.2mm wire £10

Linen pin cushion with x6 brass pins @ 25mm, stuffed with sheep fleece and hung on a linen tape £24

Fine bronze needles x3 £5
Medium bronze needles x3 £5
Strong bronze needles x3 (Please note current stock is a yellow bronze not the red shown) £5
Fine Steel Needles x3 £5

Medium Steel Needles x3 £5

Curved Bronze Needles x3 £5

Naal binding needle: Antler x1 c.75mm £3
Naal binding needle: Bone x1 c.75mm£3
Naal binding needle: Boxwood x1 c.75mm x1 £3
Antler, small carved, not turned £10
Antler, medium carved, not turned £10
Antler, large carved, not turned £10
Bronze, cast from an original, c13mm internal at top £10
Brass , hand beaten, c12mm internal at top£10
Needle wallet, leather and wool £6
Pin wallet , leather and wool £5
Needle tube, antler (shape may vary) £12
Needle tube, brass £12
Needle tube, brass on lucet made cord £16
Needle tube, bone (shape may vary)£10

Needle tube – wood £8
Antler with wooden handle (shape may vary) £8
Steel, round (shape may vary) £8
Steel, flat/oval (shape may vary) £8
Steel, triangular (shape may vary) £8
Double with needle holder (Tudor source) £5
Netting bobbin (Tudor source) £3.50
Simple bobbin (each) £0.50
Flat bobbin card £2
Bone knitting needles - £enquire
Knitting sheath – turned £12
Knitting sheath – carved £40