One-off pieces will be posted here as they become available…

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Cast brass dividers:

These dividers are based on a 15/16Century original pair. Six versions of the lions heads ensure that very few of the dividers will be alike, despite the leg parts being cast. Height 6 inches. Available to order £100


Box: Made from ash, nailed construction. 10 x 5 x 3.5cm

ash box £16

Powder horn: Based on the remains of a wooden powder horn top recovered from the Mary Rose and period illustrations. The oak ends are held in place with brass pins. May need a strap if hanging from a belt.

Powder horn, max diameter 82mm, approximate length (as per top image) 180mm. £40

Leather Belts: Hand stamped and dyed leather belts featuring original period buckles. Priced individually.

6mm strap, 1.5metres long. 14C-15C buckle with original plate. £24

Turned pots: A variety of turned, lidded pots made from boxwood, poplar, pear and ebony. Individually priced below. Sizes are external and approximate.

boxwood 45mmH x 45mmD £35
Boxwood with flat glass insert 43mmH x 66mmD £45
boxwood 22mmH x 46mmD £30
Boxwood 50mm H x 33mmD £20
Pear 66mmH x 35mmD £20
Boxwood 27mmH x 40mmD £20
Dividers: Made from brass. The following photo is to give an idea of relative scale. They are listed individually below. The 2 smallest are single loop dividers, the two in the centre use double loops and are made from assembled parts. Cast versions may be available in the future.
75mm Roman (Pompeii) £50

152mm Tudor (Mary Rose) £75
115mm Dutch £60
84mm Dutch 1590-6 £50

Sundial Pomaders:

Sundials mounted in a boxwood case, with mirror. The sundial can be removed to use the bottom half as a pomander. They are based on the example recovered from the Mary Rose and use recovered sundials. Each piece is uniquely hand altered to fit the bespoke case.

SOLD - but more are on the way!

Miniature Gavel:

Based on an example recovered from the Mary Rose, this miniature, but full size, gavel measures only 88mm in length and has an ash head and boxwood handle. £15