One-off pieces will be posted here as they become available…

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Turned pots: A variety of turned, lidded pots made from boxwood, poplar, pear and ebony. Individually priced below. Sizes are external and approximate.

boxwood 45mmH x 45mmD £35
Boxwood with flat glass insert 43mmH x 66mmD £45
Boxwood with magnifier and mirror 20mmH x 46mmD £30
Boxwood and ebony with domed magnifier 32mmH x 36mmD £30
Boxwood 50mm H x 33mmD £20
Pear 66mmH x 35mmD £20
Boxwood 27mmH x 40mmD £20
boxwood 22mmH x 46mmD £30
Boxwood 21mmH x 38mmD £20
Boxwood 18mmH x 32mmD £10
Dividers: Made from brass. The following photo is to give an idea of relative scale. They are listed individually below. The 2 smallest are single loop dividers, the two in the centre use double loops and are made from assembled parts. Cast versions may be available in the future.
75mm Roman (Pompeii) £50

152mm Tudor (Mary Rose) £75
115mm Dutch £60
84mm Dutch 1590-6 £50

Bone hygiene tool set:

Based on the tool set recovered from the Mary Rose. Supplied with a leather pouch. £100

Poplar canisters:

Sizes given are approximate +/- 2mm. Only one available of each.

135mm high £40

125mm high £40


95mm high £30

85mm high £30

Sundial Pomaders:

Sundials mounted in a boxwood case, with mirror. The sundial can be removed to use the bottom half as a pomander. They are based on the example recovered from the Mary Rose and use recovered sundials. Each piece is uniquely hand altered to fit the bespoke case.

42mm diameter £95

Locking bowls:

Made from ash, these 2 bowls will fit together when not in use or to form a lidded container. Maximum diameter 122mm £50

Bowl and Spoon set:

Ash bowl in the style of the Mary Rose bowls (but half the size) and full size maple spoon (also Mary Rose source). Bowl diameter 148mm £50

Miniature Gavel:

Based on an example recovered from the Mary Rose, this miniature, but full size, gavel measures only 88mm in length and has an ash head and boxwood handle. £15

Razor and Brush:

Based on examples recovered from the Mary Rose, this razor and brush combination are offered for sale as a pair. The frame for the fully sharp razor is boxwood with a bone spacer. The brush is made in two parts from beech with pig bristles sewn in on the back to prevent shedding. NOT FOR SALE TO UNDER 18s. BY PURCHASING YOU ARE CONFIRMING YOU ARE OF LEGAL AGE £100


Captive ring rattle made from boxwoood and with a bound hemp handle. £30

Bone hygiene tool:

Carved from bone, this hygiene tool in the form of a unicorn is based on an extant example and features a finger tool and earscoop. £65

Carved bone earscoop:

This earscoop is based on an example recovered from the Mary Rose and on display in the Museum. £30

Bone hygiene set:

Based on an example recovered in Southampton. £45