All my lucets are hand cut and finished, so some variation in shape should be expected. Boxwood and bone lucets are also available. Please use the Contact Me page for more information

Plain wooden lucet £8
Lucet kit £12

Weaving tablets:

Leather tablets (hardened with wax) are sold in packs of 4. All other tablets are sold/priced individually.

Leather x4 @ 38mm £2
Leather x4 @ 50mm £3
Boxwood square 38mm £2
Boxwood triangular 38mm £2
Boxwood hexagonal 38mm £3

Boxwood octagonal 38mm £3
Boxwood square 50mm £4
Boxwood triangular 50mm £4
Boxwood hexagonal 50mm £5
Boxwood octagonal 50mm £5
Bone 25mm £3


I make a variety of heddles, most of which are bespoke, including solid boxwood ones. Please enquire for prices on these.

Boxwood and beech £25
Large oak heddle £45

Whorls and drop spindles:

Simple drop spindles are made of wood only. Antler, lead and pewter whorls are sold separately. Please use the Contact Me page for information on weights available – alteration to weights (by decrease) is possible if required.

Drop spindle £8
Antler whorl £8
Pewter whorl £16

Weaving combs:

Wood £14
Bone £24


Turned wood £12.50

Netting shuttle:

Wood £6