Ink making kit £14

x20 Oak galls £10

Turkey quill (trimmed approx 15cm) £2

Goose quill (trimmed approx 15cm) £3.50

Swan quill (untrimmed approx 30-34cm) £5

Lead plummet for ruling £10

Large Mary Rose style boxwood inkwell (height 115mm) £75
Cast pewter inkwell, smooth surface SOLD OUT - enquire fornext casting dates


Small boxwood Mary Rose style inkwell (height 90mm) £55
Small glass bottle bound in leather and hung on linen cord (10ml) £10
Oak inkwell, lined with beeswax, based n a London find £30
Horn pot (suitable for ink) height approx7cm £20
Quill case £30

Penner and boxwood inkwell £120
Stamped penner and carved inkwell £160
Pounce pot (wood type may vary) £55
Boxwood seal (shape from Mary Rose example) with a simple cross and dots design £20
Quill cleaning tool £4

Parchment clip £6