Writing equipment

Quill cases revisited

Every now and then I revisit a job which has nagged at me because I am not happy with the end result. These quill cases were made some time ago, but were far too soft to use. Since I was doing some hot wax work over the weekend I decided to treat these and I think the end result is far more satisfactory.

quill cases


They are both hung on handmade silk ribbons, with bone buttons at the end, and are £30 each.

Tudor boxwood seal

This is a copy of a seal found on the Mary Rose which bears the initials GI within the design.

Part of a batch of items commissioned for filming/handling at the Mary Rose.

Lead plummets

These are the latest versions of the lead plummets I have made. They are approximately 5cm in length and drilled at one end for attaching a cord (you wouldn’t want to lose something so valuable!).

The original plummet design these were taken from had the name ROGER on them. I have placed SCRIBO (to write) on one and MODUS I (I rule) on the other. They are approximately 5mm thick at the hole,tapering to a flattened tip at the other. £10 each

Please note: being lead, careful handling is advised.


Still adding new stock for TORM…

Here’s a couple of penners waiting for quills…


Writing equipment

I had a commission recently to make a couple of penners, and as a result shall be adding these to my stock list. They are plain pieces, stamped versions may follow, although they will be waxed (the above are shown unwaxed). They are competitively priced at £30 each, and are supplied on a lucet woven cord. Silk braids may be available later… Other pieces shown are 6″/12″ rulers, available with/without numbers (from £3), quills (from £1), boxwood paperknife (from £10), silver point pencils (from £8), brass pen (from £12). I also make lead plummets for ruling (£10 each, but currently sold out), parchment clips (£6 each), bone prickers similar to the silver point pencils (from £8), and occasionally (seasonally) oak gall ink kits. More items to follow…