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Domestic & Equipment


Lidded, capacity 1 pint. Made from an authentic mix of woods, bound with willow that is pinned with thorns. Lined with bitumen. Based on Tudor examples recovered from Mary Rose and on display in the museum. Made with a thicker handle and internal stretcher to allow for heavy drinking... £110

Flasks & Costrels

Mini costrel, c.1/4 pint NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

One pint waxed costrel (other finishes available to order) £90


Turned pots: A variety of turned, lidded pots and canisters made from boxwood, poplar, pear and ebony. Individually priced below. Sizes are external and approximate.

Canister (H) Poplar 55 Dia x 92mm high (treated with sunflower oil) £35
Canister (A) Poplar 78 Dia x 106mm high (treated with sunflower oil) £40
Canister Poplar (C) 75 Dia x 130mm high (treated with sunflower oil) £50
Salt box (bowled base inside) c50H x 56D (treated with linseed oil) £15 SOLD


Mini chest, with till. Hand wrought hinges. Dowelled construction. 24 x 11 x 15cm £84 SOLD

Picture and Mirror Frames

Turned, stained and gilded frame on brass hanging pin. 17th century pictorial source. External diameter 102mm, internal diameter 46mm, insert diameter 60mm. Depth 18mm. Fitted with a plain mirror. £30
Turned and guilded mirror frame. Distressed finish, red ground. External diameter 135mm, front aperture 100mm. Handmade brass hanging loop. Fitted with 100 year old plate glass, foxing is original. £50


Wood lantern (Tudor style) with parchment panes and hinged door. Approximately 6 inch diameter base and 10 inches high £110 SOLD
Wood lantern with parchment panes. A doorless version of our bigger lantern with removable candle holder. Further, if the nail is taken out, a tealight recess is left. Approx 4.5 inch base and 8 inches high £45
Carved stubby holder (Sizes will vary!) (25mm hole) (Tudor source) £12
Holder with tinder box (25mm hole) (Tudor source) Carved from a single block of oak£42

Holder with stick handle (now with 25mm hole) (Tudor source) Carved from a single piece. £35


Sandstone whetstone in wood holder £42

Fire Making

Tinder box with flint, steel and charcloth (Tudor source) 12.5 x 9.5 x 6cm £58

Sand Timers & Sundials

5 Minute Sand Timer (Tudor source) oak £36

15 Minute Sand Timer (Tudor source) oak and ash £48

5 Minute (HMS Invincible style) sand timer £26

Sundial Pomaders:

Sundials mounted in a turned boxwood case, with mirror. The sundial can be removed to use the bottom half as a pomander. They are based on the example recovered from the Mary Rose and use recovered sundials. Each piece is uniquely hand altered to fit the bespoke case.

£94 SOLD
Sundial with stamped gnomen and mirror. £44 SOLD
Sundial with plain gnomen. £24 SOLD

Trenchers & Bowls

Edge carved oak trencher. Based on a Tudor example and sized as per original (approximately 10 x12cm) £28

Turned trencher with edge rim. Based on a Tudor example and sized as per original (approximately 15cm) £28

Bowl (diameter c16cm) and spoon (Tudor source) £60

Spoons & Spatulas

Eating spoon (Tudor source) £22

Spoon Lucky Dip!

At £10 each the spoons will vary in shape and style and are suitable for almost any period… the selection will be refreshed as and when I have time. All spoons are made from native English woods. As this is a lucky dip your spoon will randomly selected from available stock!

Lucky dip spoon £10

Graters & Mills

This spice mill is a three part construction based on a Tudor example. The pestle is in the top, which is pushed and ground into the perforated grinding plate in the middle. The ground spice drops through the grate into the cup at the bottom. (The plate is supplied loose inside the cup for storage and should be inserted into the middle part, rough side up, before use) £94
Mini grater in brass and steel £24

Tally Boards

Memo slate. Sanded on one side and hung on cord. 7.5 x 15cm. £16
Slate tally board. Top drilled, sanded on one side. 20 x 35cm. £30

Brushes, Dusters & Swats

Clothes brush (bristles sewn in) (handle may differ slightly) £32

Fly swatters... long oak handle, leather head. One side natural thick leather, the other a softer coloured leather (lucky dip!) £20
Small (swan) feather duster £22
Big (swan) feather duster £48

Fishing Equipment

Bagged hand line fishing set. Tudor source (Contents may vary slightly from those shown) £80

Rigged hand line set (Tudor source) (parts will vary) £32
Simple line on a stick (stone and float size will vary) £18

PLEASE NOTE: Lead is poisonous and should be handled with care. It is  provided for demonstration purposes only. It can sealed by coating with a thin layer of clear nail varnish or lacquer for safety. Please dispose of carefully.

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