Bronze castings

Finally received my castings back! These will be on sale at TORM (unless sold out before!). They are cast from the original Tudor pieces in bronze and complement the range of handmade items we sell already perfectly. We hope to add a smaller and outsize thimble to the listings next year, although I may need to make the original for these. The rare toggle type clothes fastener was a great find and I may well add more of these in the future – quite heavy but such a nice piece!

clothes_toggle thimble

These will be added to the website shortly.

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Naalbinding needles

Just updated the sewing page with reference to the naalbinding needles



These are available in bone, boxwood or antler (or other materials on request) and prices start at £3 each plus postage. Prices rise at £1 per inch, so, for example, a 5 inch needle would be £5 (but a 2 inch needle would still be £3). Please note these are sent out packaged in a hard tube so carriage is £4.40 for first class signed for. I don’t send bone needles out in any form of envelope as Royal Mail has destroyed 2 orders already this year as they are run through rollers in the sorting system. A tube can hold around 12 needles which might help to offset the postage costs 😉

Leicester City Council – incense burner

It’s been a while since I posted on here (slap wrist!) so here a picture of one of my more interesting recent jobs. It’s a carved version of an incense burner made to hold part of an original artefact for display by Leicester City Museums. It’s carved from lime, but left untreated so as not to adversely affect the metal remains. The only glue used was a small amount of pva wood glue. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to have the original piece, so had to work from drawings and a cardboard template I made (see first photo).



Wolf Hall

We are so pleased the wait is nearly over! Crossman Crafts made quite a few pieces for this new series, which uses a great deal of high quality props and costumery to bring Hiliary Mantel’s books to life.

A good behind the scenes article was written by the Telegraph today.

The prop’s supplied included items such as rosaries, inkwells and bags, as well as combs, a pomander and a mirror. Not to mention pins, needles and bobbins! Oh, and a football based on the Stirling Castle example…

You can follow the countdown with the Wolf Hall Facebook page.

New Balls!

Just added these new midi-sized play balls to the stock line in time for TORM (7-9 November).
They are filled with lovely soft, squiggly fleece and made from veg tanned leather.
They are slightly larger than my standard sized playbills and retail at £8 each.

Collar for a labrador: Updated

So I finally finished the dog collar and matching lead that has been on my bench for 2 or so months! The collar has made from 3 layers of leather and built onto a former so that the curve is ‘built in’. It’s been one of the most technically challenging ones that I have made to date and includes re-enforcing plates both behind the D ring and around the buckle. The brass plate on the inside is too allow the owner to inscribe her pet/owner details. The re-enforcements are within the layers of leather, as are the backing rivets for most of the studs. The lead fixes through the D ring and is held in place with discretely decorated sam browne studs which mean it will (hopefully) tighten even more when the pooch is pulling (which hopefully it won’t!).

IMG_9441alt IMG_9442alt


A few shots of the collar and lead with it’s new owner – all tails wagging!

P1060615 P1060628 P1060629 P1060631 P1060632 P1060645

TV and film work

It’s been a hugely busy month for CrossmanCrafts so far!
The latest batch out is for the US television series “Galavant”  and comprises balls, bags (including a shoulder wallet in linen), a comb and a couple of parchment clips.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200


We’ve also made pieces for “Heart of the Sea”, the true story that inspired the legend of Moby Dick; Reign II, another US television series, details of series 1 here; and also “Tulip Fever“, a 17th century drama.

It’s always a thrill to see your work on screen, even if it can be a challenge to spot the pieces!

I wonder what will be next?

Metal thimbles

A new batch of thimbles hot from the workshop…



The ones on the left are turned bronze and brass, the ones on the right are hammered brass. Many of the brass ones will be added to our sewing kits together with scissors, bobbins, pins and needles, all made by Crossman Crafts.

All thimbles are currently £10 each, although the turned ones may shortly have to be increased to £14 due to the extra time taken in manufacture.

Spice Mills

Just finished a new batch of spice mills based on the Mary Rose example. These break down into 3 parts: a base pot, the central collar with the grating plate, and the top part providing the pressure. Most of the ones below are made from ash, with the exception of the smaller beech one on the right, and most are also spoken for! Hopefully there will be time to make a few more before TORM in March, otherwise they can be made to order 🙂

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Tudor Money Changer's Bag – version 4

This is probably the last of these bags I shall be making for a while – unless commissioned of course!

tudor money changers bag


There are a few subtle changes to the previous one – the handle protrudes more through the bottom which means it ‘sits’ better, there are leather drawstring collars, and the binding on the top and bottom of the handle is slightly different. I was also able to slightly revise how the bags are bound and attached making them appear neater. If not sold before, this will be for sale at TORM in November.