New Balls!

Just added these new midi-sized play balls to the stock line in time for TORM (7-9 November).
They are filled with lovely soft, squiggly fleece and made from veg tanned leather.
They are slightly larger than my standard sized playbills and retail at £8 each.

Collar for a labrador: Updated

So I finally finished the dog collar and matching lead that has been on my bench for 2 or so months! The collar has made from 3 layers of leather and built onto a former so that the curve is ‘built in’. It’s been one of the most technically challenging ones that I have made to date and includes re-enforcing plates both behind the D ring and around the buckle. The brass plate on the inside is too allow the owner to inscribe her pet/owner details. The re-enforcements are within the layers of leather, as are the backing rivets for most of the studs. The lead fixes through the D ring and is held in place with discretely decorated sam browne studs which mean it will (hopefully) tighten even more when the pooch is pulling (which hopefully it won’t!).

IMG_9441alt IMG_9442alt


A few shots of the collar and lead with it’s new owner – all tails wagging!

P1060615 P1060628 P1060629 P1060631 P1060632 P1060645

Money changers bag – cloth version

This is the latest version, and possibly my best interpretation to date, of the money changer’s bag recovered from the Mary Rose. Previous versions have had leather bags, but this one uses hemp canvas, with horn beads for closing. Since only the bag handle, bag flaps, and some of the binding were recovered it seems possible that the bags were of an easily digested fabric, none of which survived. Similarly, almost no horn survived hence the use of them for the buttons, which were also not found. This bag is sold, but there will hopefully be another on the stall at TORM in November, if anyone would like a closer look 😉

cloth money bag

Fancy Flasks

I’ve been playing with some new shapes for the waxed leather flasks – some of them are a little left of field and the stoppers may be changed back to something more traditional. All these are also available in plain, un-dyed leather which may help to show the pyrography better (although the leather will be still be a darker brown than natural). All are fully functioning and are supplied with a leather cord.



All flasks are made order, with your choice of design and preference for stopper.
Bound heart: £50
Large heart: £30
Small heart: £15
Triangular table flask: £30

Quill cases revisited

Every now and then I revisit a job which has nagged at me because I am not happy with the end result. These quill cases were made some time ago, but were far too soft to use. Since I was doing some hot wax work over the weekend I decided to treat these and I think the end result is far more satisfactory.

quill cases


They are both hung on handmade silk ribbons, with bone buttons at the end, and are £30 each.

Mini and micro leather flasks

Just finishing off a new batch of these…


Some of which will be for sale at the upcoming Clanfield Crafts Fayre this Saturday 🙂

Latest embroidered bag…



Another version of the IHS bag recovered from the Mary Rose (1545).

Last embroidered bag for the time being… my eyes need a rest!

Another posh bag!

This one made for a friend – more commissions welcome!

In this one I’ve been able to solve the last few construction issues that arose in the first pouches – practice makes perfect! (or nearly…)

IHS Pouch

This is the second of the replica pouches made for the Mary Rose. It only has the one embroidered panel so only took around 20 hours to make (as opposed to over 45 hours for the previous one…)

Embroidered Tudor Pouch – some revisions lower down…

This bag has been a long time in the making! I did the first mockups for it over 10 years ago when I first realised how beautiful it would have been. For one reason or another it then lay dormant until last month when it was recognised it would be needed for AV filming for the new Mary Rose museum.

The bag itself is a multi compartmental leather pouch with inner pouchlets. In my version it is also lined with silk, and the pouchlets are made from the same material, and closed with silk drawstrings finished with bone beads. The belt loops on the back of the pouch did not survive, but similar examples survive from the ship which still had their loops, so I used those for reference. The three panels are embroidered with silver thread – for cost reasons I had to use DMC divisible silver thread, but maybe one day I’ll make a panel in real silver… 😉

There are things I’m not happy with (the border is scruffy where I tried to thicken it afterwards, the loops are a different leather because I ran out of the other, the leather itself is too shiny and wouldn’t take the hide food). I guess they are small things to some people, but very irritating for me… ‘Must do better next time’

I was going to upload just the pictures of the bag, but I think it might be useful for people to see how I work and why some jobs are so darn expensive…

The pictures below show the bag following some revisions that came to light after studying some other bags and pouches in the collection…